We are a leading manufacturer of sun and umbrellas in Portugal.

We also offer a range of business solutions for customizing branded outdoor materials, including flags, awnings, windscreens and towels.

1976Jossois has been in business since 1976


It all began at the hands of Almerinda Araújo Oliveira and Joaquim Oliveira Pereira, the founders and parents of current administrator José Pereira.

The business expanded, as did the product varieties, and by the 1990s it had established itself as a national benchmark in the production of umbrellas and parasols.

The parasol business prospered and at the end of 2008 Jossois moved to new, larger, safer and more production-friendly premises in Soutelo - Vila Verde.

Today, with the help of their children and all their employees, in a business that has been passed down through generations, Jossois strives to keep the same values alive, respect for people and the environment and a focus on quality and innovation.


Satisfying your customers' needs

Seeking balanced management to overcome the battle for competitiveness

Offer employees professional and personal growth that makes them feel proud to be part of our team


Investment in new technologies

Process optimization

Continuous employee training



Design and Innovation


Team spirit
Quality and Excellence





Our Clients

Jossois is committed to treating all its clients with professionalism, efficiency, respect, loyalty, good faith and dedication. We strive for equality and indiscrimination, fulfilling the commitments made and the expectations placed on us.

Quality System

Quality is what sets us apart

The international recognition of the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard enhances the image of Jossois and provides continuous improvement in our work system, which in turn is reflected very positively in the results obtained on a daily basis.


The certificates awarded to Jossois provide a range of financial and non-financial benefits, as well as public recognition of the quality of its performance, reinforcing its image and notoriety in the market. These certificates are a set of actions taken by Jossois, such as financial strength, economic performance, innovation capacity, entrepreneurial vision, among others.

Green Dot Society

NP EN ISO 9001:2015

SME Leader

Aplauso Company


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